Chan Huy & Friends - Mindful Coaching

Consultation and Coaching
- assessment (60 to 90 minutes): US$150
- following sessions (60 minutes): US$100

Conferences, workshops and courses:
- tailored to your needs and budget
- contact us to let us know how we may help you

Retreats & on-line dharma talks
- contact your local sangha; or
- contact us for more information on upcoming events in a locality near you

- sliding rate can apply depending on your financial condition; do not hesitate to contact us to discuss about possible financial arrangements;
- dana-based rate for participants to Chan Huy retreats;
- we will be grateful for any financial contribution you can give in the spirit of dana to help us continue to provide for the voluntary unpaid services that we are offering to not-for-profit organizations and persons in-need.
Call us at (514) 272-2832 or    email