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Mindful Health Services
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Our activities in the Health and Health-Care domains aim at:

1. health-care professionals and workers better-being, improving their quality of life and resiliency to stress and burn-out;
2. better quality of care: reduced "un-mindful" errors and better diagnosis and decision-making from empathy-detachment balance
3. better health for all from healthier living and life-style

Our team & partners:

- Chan Huy, P.Eng., M.Sc., MBA ,CPC: former Rx2000 Canadian Forces Health Services Health Care Reform Project Manager; trained in Promoting Mindful Practice at UNY-Rochester
- Robert Béliveau, MD in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Mindfulness Based Reduction Medical Practice
- Millaray Sanchez, MD in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Assistant-professor University of Ottawa Medical School
- Tony Sylvestre, PhD, Professor, University of Pittsburgh, Graduate School of Public Health

Current and upcoming courses and events:

7-28 Sept. 2012: Mindful Health-Care Practice: a 4-week program for Health-care providers at the Montreal Institute of Applied Mindfulness
10 Oct. 2012: Self-care for health-care professionals - Gateway Rehab Squirrel Hill Training Series - 6 RN, 6 PCB or 6 Social Work /LPC CEUs available
30 Oct. 2012: Mindfulness interventions for your practice: 4 NBCC CEUs learning event - Avila University, Dept of Psychology

Past courses and events