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Getting your Healthy Weight through Mindful Eating

This workshop has been presented in may cities in Canada and in the US since 2010. Contact us for a conference tailored to the needs of your organisation.

Content of the Presentation:
Are you an emotional eater? Yo-Yo dieter?
Consumed by thoughts about diet &/or exercise?
Do you reach for food mindlessly?
Tired of struggling with your weight or poor eating habits and want to create a healthier relationship with food?
Mindful Eating is a NON-diet approach to obtaining and maintaining a healthy weight.
Learn how to eat mindfully and be in charge of healthier eating habits!
Stop Dieting, Start Living!

No rules, no deprivation, no sneak eating, no required meal replacements/supplements.
Just practical strategies that you can live with - forever!
Learn how to eat the foods you REALLY love without guilt or beating yourself up.

What you will learn:
  ●  The six decision points in an Eating Cycle
  ●  Characteristics of the three Eating Cycle types
  ●  Triggers for overeating
  ●  Hunger and Fullness Scale
  ●  The one key question to ask yourself before eating

Most importantly, we will practice how to mindfully eat your most "sinful snackfood".

Target audience:
Anyone who struggles with their weight and would like to create a healthier relationship with food, mind and body. This workshop focuses more on the Why, When, How, How much we eat and where we spend our energy than on What we eat.

About the presenter:
Mindful Eating coach and Dharma teacher Chan Huy has taught thousands of people in Canada and in the US how to re-connect with their inner joy, make peace with their body and listen to its cries and needs. In this new workshop, Chan Huy will guide you to get in touch with your complete and wonderful self, here and now, and learn how to best enjoy the food you love - without guilt and repent - and attain your healthiest weight.

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11 April 2012: Mindful Eating for Health and Well-Being