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Chan  Huy on-line talks can be provided to Communities of practice who wish  to organize Days of Mindfulness in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh in  their home city. This project started in June 2010 provided talks to Days of Mindfulness in: Austin TX, Boise ID, Boulder CO, Des Moines IA, Denver CO, Fort Collins CO, Grapevine TX,  Greensboro NC,  Kansas City MO, Miami FL, Montreal PQ, Oklahoma City OK, Omaha NE, Pittsburgh PA, Quebec ON
Chan Huy & Friends - Mindful Coaching

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Archives:  recordings of the:
- 2010-2011 talks on Mindful Breathing, the Present Moment, Lay Life Practice, Peace, Love, and the 4 Noble Truths; 
- 2011-2012 talks on the Four Establishments of Mindfulness;
- 2012-2013 talks on the Diamond Sutra
Chan Huy with the Beginner✧s Mind Sangha 
Core Community and retreat coorddinators - Fall 2010
2017-2018 e-Talks:
Forty Tenets of Plum Village

Sept. 16, 2017: Store Consciousness - audio recording
  Click here for video recording
Oct. 14, 2017: All In Us
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Jan 20, 2018: The Mind Gardener- audio recording
Click here for video recording

2016-2017 e-Talks:
The Satipatthana Sutra

Sept. 17, 2016: Dwelling in the Here and the Now
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Oct. 15, 2016: Embracing Our Body
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Nov. 12, 2016: Embracing Our Feelings
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Feb. 25, 2017: Embracing Our Feelings
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May. 27, 2017: Happiness Is Not An Individual Matter
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2015-2016 GoToMeeting Talks:
The Anapanasati Sutra

Sept. 26, 2015: Full Awareness of Breathing
Oct. 17, 2015: Aware of Body
Nov. 21, 2015: Aware of Sensations
Dec 12, 2015: Joy and Happiness
Jan 23, 2016: I Make My Mind Happy
Feb 27, 2016: I Concentrate My Mind
Mar. 19, 2016: Disappearance of Desire
Apr. 16, 2016: Impermanence of All That Is
May 14, 2016: No Birth, No Death
Jun 11, 2016: Letting Go 

2014-2015 GoToMeeting Talks:
Understanding Our Mind

Sept. 13, 2014: Understanding the Buddha's Teachings
Oct. 11, 2014: Consciousness at the Base
Nov. 8, 2014: Three Dharma Seals and Ignorance
Dec. 6, 2014: Transforming Habit Energies
Jan. 10, 2015: Mind Consciousness
Feb. 7, 2015: Mental Formations
Mar. 7, 2015: Samsara is Nirvana
Apr. 4, 2015: Conscious Breathing
May 2, 2015: The Present Moment
May 30, 2015: Practicing with a Sangha

2013-2014 GoToMeeting Talks: 
The Lotus Sutra

Sept. 28, 2013: are you sure?
Oct. 19, 2013: to be or not to be
Nov. 23, 2013: abiding in suchness
Dec 14: the light of mindfulness
Jan 25: medicine king
Feb 22: universal gate
Mar 15: many forms
Apr 26: earth holder
May 17: oneness with all beings
Jun 14: wisdom

Chan Huy and Br. Antonio in Miami
23 Oct. 2010
Chan Huy with with several sanghas via GoToMeeting online live broadcast